Weapons, Items and the Entity window

In this tutorial I want to explain how to place items, weapons and how to change some settings for entities. As always load the last mapfile first. Now press the right mouse button and go to weapon and select weapon_rocketlauncher. You can see a pink box with a lined rocket launcher in it:

(Image rl 1)

Put it directly on the floor:

(Image rl 2)

If you put it somewhere into the air it will only fall down on the floor. If you put it into a brush the weapon won't appear. Now I will explain what the entity window is and which settings exist. You always have to select the entity you want to change the settings for. After that press n to open the window. You might already know it from the light tutorial but now I'll describe it more detailed:

(Image Entity Window)

Entity Description: Here you can see a description of all keys, spawnflags, and notes related to the entity you have selected.

Spawnflags: You can tick the boxes which are different from entity category to category and sometimes from entity to entity. If you tick "suspended" for example the weapon won't fall down if it is placed in the air.

Active Settings: In this field you can see all active settings for this entity which you can change via the "Key and Value Boxes"

Key and Value Boxes: All keys you can type into the key field are explained in the Entity Description box. If you type something into the key field, you always have to fill the valuefield, too, and have to press "Enter" afterwards so the changes will be accepted.
E.g.: You type in "wait" as key and "2" in the value box and then press "Enter". Now the command should appear in the "Active Settings"window. So when you've picked up the weapon it will respawn again after 2 seconds, not like the default value in 5. Every entity has its own default settings which can be found in the descriptions.

Angle: These buttons change the direction of an entity and are orientated to the XY window. Very useful for a model (misc_model) or an info_player_start. The "up" and "dn" buttons are important for doors and buttons. They are describing the up and down direction of an entity.

Del Key/Pair : When you select a key/value pair in the "active settings" window you can delete it with this button.

If you want to place holdables such as the medikit, the holdable teleporter or items like health balls and armors just do the same as for the weapons. The only difference is that you have to go to "item" or "holdable" instead of "weapon" in the entity list.

Here you can get the maps for this tutorial (place it into baseq3/maps):

Written by Bliccer