Cel Shading

  1. Create your map.

    (Image editor)
  2. Select a brush that is not an entity and press n to open the Entity Inspector.
    Set the key _celshader and the value cel/ink for the entity.

    (Image Entity Inspector)
  3. Compile your map and place the .bsp file in the maps directory in your .pk3!

  4. Type \devmap mapname (*.bsp filename) into the console.

  5. Finished. Now you'll notice the black texture that occurs at edges.

    (Image ingame)
    Example map: AMT-Run2

Note: If you use the cel shader, you will get higher r_speeds!
Important: Be sure that the cel.shader file is in your scripts directory and you have updated the shaderlist.txt. The cel.shader is included in Q3Map2\extras\cel.shader.

Written by AMT-Morbus